Do you enjoy a good romance? Each story in S.G. Minae’s new Fantasy Planet series features TWO steamy-hot romances, plus a bit of magic, adventure, and intrigue, all set on an exotic planet resort in the distant future.

Taeryn: The Awakening

  • A naïve human girl with special powers.
  • Two fugitive aliens, fleeing for their lives.
  • One electrifying connection.

Can their love keep her alive? Or will it kill her?

Actress Taeryn Vega is determined not to get involved with gorgeous actor and infamous ladies’ man Tristan Kando. But their intense empathic connection leaves her unsure where her sensations end and his begin. When she also develops telepathy with his best friend, director Kat Russo, she is drawn into a disturbing world she never knew existed.

Tristan and Kat are not what they seem. They’re hiding on Earth from cruel alien mercenaries who will stop at nothing to destroy them and their kind, and now they’re after Taeryn, too! The two aliens race against time to understand their powerful bond with this human girl… And why it’s killing her.

Share Taeryn’s steamy emotional journey as she struggles to survive a terrifying “Awakening”. Can the aliens protect her? Or will Taeryn be the one to save them?

Beauty In The Beast

The most beautiful planet in the galaxy is now open to visitors!

This tropical paradise resort features three gorgeous yet ageless magical hosts, sparkling beaches, mysterious forests, a vibrant casino, and the very special Oasis Spa. Fulfill your dreams on Fantasy Planet!

In Episode 1: Beauty In The Beast, you’ll learn about two of our special guests:

♥ Kaleeah is a lesbian humanoid tigress in a world of humans. She’s fallen in love with her co-worker, and risks everything to rescue her from mortal danger. But will sweet Casea ever see past Kaleeah’s beastly exterior to the huge, beautiful heart within?

♥ Marni is on the run from her rich, violent husband. She dreams of finding true love, but if her ex ever finds her he’ll kill them both. The resort’s Sexercise Spa – “No commitment, just good clean fun that gets results” – looks like just what she needs to burn off some tension. But when she meets her instructor, sparks fly! Can their love protect her from the most powerful man in the galaxy?

This steamy tale is packed with romance, intrigue, suspense, and a twist you won’t see coming!

Welcome to Fantasy Planet!

Prince Charming

In Episode 2: Prince Charming, the resort creates a medieval island for a Royal Summit.

Each night, Prince Jerick comes to Skye in her dreams. As they dance, she can feel his hand on her shoulder and smell his cologne. She can even hear the words of their conversation. Mornings she awakes with a feeling of destiny. But dreams like this don’t come true. After all, she has no connection with the royal family.

Everything changes the day Sky is assigned to cover the Royal Summit, which is being held on exclusive Fantasy Planet. It’s a far cry from the local crime beat she usually writes about. When she dances with the Prince, it’s just like in her dream! But something is off about Jerick, and his motivation for wooing Skye comes into question.

Now is the chance to fulfil her destiny. So why can’t she stop thinking about Justin, the activist she met on the shuttle? Skye may have to choose between becoming the most powerful woman in the kingdom…or true love.

About the Author

S.G Minae writes steamy love stories that just happen to involve aliens, supernatural elements, and romantic, far-away planets. Whether they take place on Earth or on another world, the emphasis is on realistic relationships and deep, fleshed-out characters. Because love is love, everywhere in the universe.