Congratulations on writing your book!

Let me FORMAT your manuscript into a beautiful eBook and Paperback.

I’m a self-published author who enjoys formatting so much I started doing it for other authors. They seem to really like my work and keep coming back for more. I have formatted dozens of books … maybe I can help you too! Affordable prices and all work is guaranteed. I want you to LOVE the way your book looks.

I use a variety of tools to make your book look fantastic: Vellum, Photoshop, Acrobat, inDesign, and more. Once we talk and/or I see your work, I can tell you the best process in your situation. Novels generally do well with Vellum. If you have pictures, I can resize and enhance, if necessary, in Photoshop. Picture books for children, travel, coffee table, etc, are created using inDesign, with each page placed by hand to ensure perfect full-bleed, full-color images.

So, whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, no matter the genre or market, black-and-white or edge-to-edge full-color, text only or containing maps and images, LET’S TALK!

Also available: Your eBook cover converted to a paperback wrap!

Services: Your word file formatted and converted into an EPUB, MOBI, and/or PDF. All projects can contain: Links to your social media, website, and other books; Standard and custom ornamental section breaks; Front and back matter; If you sell wide, separate EPUBs that conform to each retailer’s regulations (for example, you are not allowed to have links to your Amazon page on Apple and vise-versa.)

Email: sgminae@sgminae

Facebook: Suzanne Minae and SG Minae, Author

Twitter: @sgminae

Instagram: @sg_minae